The Team
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Making a Portrait urn is a team effort. During the covid-pandemic Nadia noticed that her interns had a need for socializing and personal contact. Together with her husband she established Lumiejere; a development-focused day-center.

A Portrait urn is made together with Lumiejere. Whether it comes to painting an urn, sketching a facial profile or managing the website; everybody contributes in their own way to the process.


I was interning for Nadia when Lumiejere was established, after which I stayed to set up Lumiejere.

As a creative assistant I support people in completing their work, next to having my own assignments.

I would say that my time at Lumiejere has given me the opportunity to develop myself further, for example by becoming more extroverted and having a more solution-driven mindset.

Lumiejere is special to me because people can be themselves right away. This creates a comfortable working environment in which nobody feels like they’re just a number.

On one hand I’d say I’d like it for Lumiejere to grow bigger, but at the same time I feel like it is because we’re a small team that we have such a special and personal working environment.


I used to be an intern at Lumiejere, and after my internship I stayed in contact with Nadia and Jurgen. A few years later I ended up joining the day-center team.

I assist Nadia in making portrait urns next to helping around the atelier.

I enjoy working at Lumiejere. Lumiejere feels like a safe place where you can be yourself and develop new skills. Everyone accepts each other for who they are, which has allowed me to become more confident in myself.

In the future I hope I can assist Nadia with even more steps in the process of making a Portrait urn.


I joined Lumiejere through my apprenticeship coach. We were looking for a day-center with sufficient enough of a challenge when it comes to the work provided.

At Lumiejere I am currently working on the website, for example by writing text for the website and translating the website from Dutch to English.

I like the work I do at Lumiejere. It’s challenging and varies a lot, which helps in keeping me engaged in my work.

Lumiejere is special to me because there’s a lot of consideration for both your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Everyone has their own reasons for being here, and everyone respects each other’s problems. This is very important to me.

While working at Lumiejere, I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help if you need it, and that this doesn’t mean you’re incompetent or a bother to someone else. Everybody here enjoys helping each other out, which is key to having a good working environment.

When it comes to how I’d like to develop myself further, I’d say I’d like to get better at dealing with disappointments. I’d also like to get better at portrait photography, seeing as this is a hobby of mine.


I dropped out of school because the regular education system didn’t fit my needs.

After dropping out, I went looking for a place where I could develop myself further on a creative level. This place ended up being Lumiejere.

I really like working at Lumiejere; I can be myself and there’s a lot of respect from and for everyone. This creates a safe working environment which allows me to develop myself further.

Through working at Lumiejere I’ve learned that cooperation makes working a lot easier. I used to prefer working alone, but here I’ve learned that cooperating helps a lot in achieving your goals.

Nadia, Jurgen and my colleagues are very special to me. They create a warm and safe working environment where I can develop more skills.

Currently I do a lot of drawing, such as cartoons, icons and logo’s. In the future I’ll also draw facial profiles for Portrait urns.