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General information

What are the dimensions?


A height of 7.5 cm / 3 inches with a maximum width of 6.4 cm / 2.52 inches


A height of 17.5 cm / 7 inches with a maximum width of 15 cm / 6 inches


A height of 27.5 cm / 11 inches with a maximum width of 22 cm / 8.7 inches

*In a large Portrait urn there is enough space for all the ashes of your loved one

How much does a Portrait urn weigh?


A small Portrait urn has a weight of between ~75 to ~95 grams / ~2.5 to ~3 ounches


A medium Portrait urn has a weight of between ~675 to ~900 grams / ~24 to ~32 ounches


A large Portrait urn has a weight of between ~2900 to ~3250 grams / ~102 to ~115 ounches

What is the volume of a Portrait urn?


A small Portrait urn has a volume of about 40 milliliters / 1.4 fluid ounches


A medium Portrait urn has a volume of about 1 liter / 34 fluid ounches


A large Portrait urn has a volume of about 3 liters / 101 fluid ounches

What material is a Portrait urn made of?

A Portrait urn is made out of Acrylic One, a water-based synthetic resin which is extremely durable while remaining very lightweight.
At first sight it might look fragile, but a Portrait urn can survive a fall.
Acrylic one is non-poisonous, fire repellant, not sensitive to temperatures and also capable of being placed outside (provided the right paint is used).

In what colors is the Portrait urn available?

The Portrait urn is available in 5 standard colors. These are: Classic Bronze, Dark Bronze, Ocre sand, Lagune Blue and Lagune green.
If your desired color is one different from the 5 standard colors, you can choose your own desired color.
It is also possible to paint a Portrait urn with a hand-made design, this is called a special.

Is a Portrait urn capable of being placed outside?

Yes, but you’ll have to let us know beforehand if you want to place the Portrait urn outside. This is because for outside use, the Portrait urn needs to be painted with a different kind of paint.


How do I get in touch?

To order a Portrait urn, you can email us at info@portrait-urn.com or fill in our contact form.
In the email you can describe your wishes, such as size, coloring, and the number of urns you’d like to order.
After receiving our response and we’re in agreement, we’ll need pictures of your loved one. (See ‘’Providing pictures’’)
We then start drawing the facial profile. We will send 3 versions and stay in touch through email, after which you can choose in which facial profile you recognize your loved one the most. After approval of the facial profile, we will start making the urn.
During the process we will provide you with pictures, so you can see how far along we are. Before we send the Portrait urn we will send a picture of the final version.

Providing pictures

What kind of pictures should I provide?

How do I provide pictures?

You can provide your pictures to us by sending through email at info@portrait-urn.com or through WeTransfer.

When sending pictures through email, please don’t send too many pictures in a single email. Emails above a certain size cannot be received.
Of course we also accept share-links to your Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Dropbox storage.


Will I get an invoice?

At the start of the assignment, you will get a partial invoice of 50% of the total price. Just before we send your Portrait urn, you will get an invoice for the remaining 50%.

Can I pay in installments?

The first payment must be made after approval of the contour drawings. The second part before delivery.

What payment methods are available?

We accept payment trough PayPal.


Will I get a track-and-trace link?

Yes, you will receive a track-and-trace link from us by email.

Do you take special dates into account when delivering?

You can tell us about special dates (such as a birthday or anniversary) on the contact form so we can take this into account. Please keep in mind that we won’t always be able to deliver on the specified date.

Through which shipping service will the Portrait urn be sent?

We ship our Portrait urns through FedEx.

What are the delivery times?

After approval of the contour sketches, it takes on average between 7 and 11 weeks.

Other questions

Do you make Portrait urns for pets as well?

Yes, we do!

What makes a Portrait urn unique?

A Portrait urn is tailor-made, with a design in the silhouette of your loved one. This is a patented design. It’s possible to specify special colors, drawings or designs and it is also possible to order multiple sizes at once.

Can I order multiple Portrait urns of the same size?

Yes, in that case you will receive a discount.

Can I order multiple portrait urns of different sizes?

Yes, you can.
The sizes are: Small (7,5 cm/3 inches) Medium (17,5 cm/7 inches ) and Large (27,5 cm/11 inches)

Can I order 1 portrait urn of 2 faces?

Yes, you can. This is called a duo-urn. In a duo-urn two facial profiles are combined into 1 artwork. The duo-urn is a bit bigger than the usual sizes.

Can you make a Secret Jewel out of gold/white gold?

Yes, we can. The value of gold/white gold at the time of ordering will decide the price of the Secret Jewel.

Why do you ask for information about loved ones?

We like to take special dates into account when delivering the urn, such as the date of death, an anniversary, or other special dates.

What’s the best way to illuminate a Portrait urn?

 The best way to illuminate a Portrait urn is from 1 focal point, at the height of the nose of the Portrait urn.

How long does it take to make a Portrait urn?

After approval of the facial profile it takes on average between 7 and 11 weeks to make a Portrait urn.

How can I best provide the urn with ashes?

When we ship the urn, we include a guide how to place the ashes into the urn.

Should I be worried about the urn getting damaged during transport?

When we ship the urn, we fill the box with bubble-wrap, and put this box in a second box.
We’ve never had a Portrait urn get damaged during transport.

How durable is a Portrait urn?

In case of the Portrait urn falling, it is most likely only the paint that will be slightly damaged. The urn won’t break from a fall.