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After Nadia graduated from the academy of arts in ‘s-Hertogenbosch she’s had multiple ateliers in the city center. When she went looking for a bigger workplace, she ended up in Waalwijk.

She spent 6 years in Waalwijk, after which she wanted to share a workplace with her husband. This is how her current atelier in Sprang-Capelle came to be.

To those who know Nadia it might come as a surprise that she chose to work in the funerary sector, but for Nadia this choice feels natural.

‘’My work isn’t about death, it’s about life. I want to work together with the families of those who’ve passed to help process their grief, by creating a final tribute to the one they lost.’’

Involving relatives in the process of making a portrait urn is very important to Nadia; not only because it’s such a sensitive matter, but also because she wants to help the family grieve their loved ones.

The family will have to go through photo albums to find the right pictures. Nadia might be the one to draw out the facial profile, but in the end the family decides which of the sketches best resembles their loved one.

‘’The beauty of my work is that it doesn’t take long before there’s a deep connection between me and the family. Whether that’s here in the atelier, online or on the phone, trust gets established quickly. It is because of this connection and this trust that I am able to tailor my work to the desires of the family.’’